AJ-01CD ( Spy Camera Detector )
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  Model/Item No. : AJ-01CD
Country of Origin : Taiwan / China
Product Description :
1. Use for detecting spy camera
2. Wild-range: include 900, 1200, 1300MHz and 2.4GHz
3. Receiving sensertivity: 500MHz ~ 3GHz
4. Coverage range: 3 meter a radius
5. Signal O/P: red light LED flash
6. Battery: 3V. LR-44 x 2pcs
7. Outlook: keychain type are available,customerdesigns      are welcome

1. Detective Area: A radius of 3 meter can precisely detect wireless signal of       900/12001300/2400 MHz.
2. Red LED Flash: The flashing frequency will increase when approaching to the target.
3. Touch-tone Design: Professional RF Detective design press the key only when   detection is needed. Such a function can both savepower and prevent interferences of mobile phone's signal.
4. Attach a Dey Ring: Men can wear the key ring and women can wear it on the bag   or wear it as a decoration.

1. Pubilc place,dressing rooms,bathrooms or lavatories.
2. Hotel,dormitories,rooms or offices.
3. Any place needs privacy...... 

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