AJ-668   Iba na objednávku !

Wonderful Embedded RROS design, completely depart from computer screen to control,avoiding computer paralyze after
infect virus, can be used easily and stable
Real Time record, 25 frames / second; 30 frames / second; auto or by hand to record .
1ch;2chs;3chs or 4 channels can record and display at the same time, channel is adjustable.
The image quality of record and display can be adjustable base on different request.
Independent in dash hardware design system supports 200G IDE super hardware, more easy to save data.
System can save password, can not modify the record messages of hardware without password, so that the security system and record information will be safe.
Display 1 or 4 real time image, equip with alarm input connecter, make the monitor most perfectly.
If power failure it can auto-protect itself and will auto-start when the power come.
Same operation as the common recorder, with profession remote controller, more easy to set or operation.
Technical Specification:
Model number£ºJDR-668
Image system£ºNTSC/PAL
Operation system£ºEmbedded RTOS
Video input£º4 BNC¡Á4£¨1.0Vp-p/75¦¸£©
Video output:2 BNC¡Á1£¨1.0Vp-p/75¦¸£©
Alarm input:4OFF( No Power) ON/OFF(Optional)
Alarm output:1 OFF( No Power)
Display rate: NTSC:120 fields/s4*30 fields/s; PAL :100 fields/s 4*25 fields/s
Record frame:(quad Mode)NTSC:Max. 0fps PAL:Max.25fps¡òRecord frame:(Each Mode) NTSC:Max. 7.5fps,30 fields/s¡Â4
PAL:Max. 6.25fps 25fields/s¡Â4
Pixel:NTSC:720*480 PAL:720*576
Record:NTSC:640*240(Each Channel) PAL:640*272(Quad Tatal)¡òData compress type:Modified MJPEG High:20kBytes/frame;Normal:15kBytes/f;LOW:12k .Bytes/f
Search model:Time , date , camera
Full screen:YES
Alarm input:4 Input , 1 Output
Alarm type: smoke,ultra-red,door-magnet etc.
Power:AC90V~240V,50/60HZ DC 12V/4A
Power consumption:50W
Operation Temperature£º+5¡æ¡«+50¡æ storage temperature£º-20¡æ¡«+70¡æ