DVR2000   Iba na objednávku !

Compression format
  MPEG4 software compression
  Display solution 765*576
  Max 1-4 channels video input 30f per card max 4 cards
  Max 4 channels audio input
  120M/h-150M/h hard disk place
  Alarm control
  16 channels alarm input 3 channels alarm output
Automatic record when alarm start up
  Can control automatic record time when alarm start up.
  Support motion detect and alarm area control able.
  Automatic record when motion detect start up.
P/T/Z control
  Support kinds of protocol of decoder (KALATEL, PELCO, PHILIPS, UNIVISION,    VICONˇ­)
Remote control
  Support transmit the video signal through LAN, PSTN, ADSL, ISDNˇ­
  Playback record files at remote side.
  P/T/Z control at remote side.
  Support IE browse.
Record and playback
  1 -4 channels real time MPEG4 record
  Support time street, alarm, manualˇ­ start record
  Record frames control able.
  esearch based data, event, channel. Diff speed F.FW and F.FB
  Support frame capture and electronics zoom in/out
System request
  OS: windows 98/me/2000/xp
  CPU: P III 800 or later
  Memory: 128M SDR
  Hard disk: 80G
  Mother board: inter 845 chip set.
  VGA card: ATI RAGE 128 or later