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 AJ-NC01(Snake camera) Iba na objednávku !



This is a family of products (black white) based on the most advance CMOS mixed signal technology. It integrates ../image array, signal processing, timing and control circuitry, all on a single chip. Applying a simple circuit and enclosed in a stylish design casing, it becomes a complete camera. It is suitable for low cost application.

Small size:12 x 40 mm
Metal Casing
Resolution: 101Kpixels
Operation voltage: 9V or 12V
Lens: f4.9mm F2.8
Low power consumption (<200mW)
Coaxial cable with 3 pin socket
Direct connect to standard video monitor
High IR sensitivity for night time application
Auto exposure control
Gamma correction - 0.45/1.0
Auto gain control - 18dB
Automatic black level calibration
Pin Description

PWR Power Supply 9-12V DC
GND Common Ground for power and video
CVO Composite Video Output
Direct connect to TV/Monitor
1/4" CMOS ../imager sensor OV5116
1/50 to 1/6,000 sec
   Video Output 1V p-p Composite video(75