Virtual Display Iba na objednávku !
Virtual Display GVD 300


For Model GVD 300, GVD 2326, GVD 500
Model: GVD300



  • Display Size: 36 inches, 2m away
  • Pixels: 800*225(180k), full color
  • View of Angle: 26 degrees
  • Video Input: NTSC or PAL format (can be chosen)
  • Sound Function: double-channel stereo
  • Adjustment function: variable volume, picture contrast and brightness
  • Power Input: 5-12V DC
  • Power Consumption: 1.0W
  • Basic Accessories: AC adapter, eye patch, adapting cables
  • Packing dimensions: 275MM¡Á200MM¡Á75MM

    Sketch map: Illustration of all parts
Product Profile

>> New product of Virtual Display range with strong marketing competition.

Recreated Theatre with Big Screen Display
Virtual Display GVD300 with 36" screen offers you clear and exquisite pictures; further, the 2.1-track Dolby surrounding stereo earphone makes you feel like in a theatre.

>> Fashionable Appearance and Elaborate Design
The light and portable structure of GVD300 is design by renowned experts. It can be easily fixed on head, which enables enjoying movies or games in whatever pose.

>> Hi-capacity Lithium Battery for Permanent Power Supply and Convenient Usage.
The lithium battery LP1100 can supply power for 8 consecutive hours, making the user more convenience while traveling.

>> Connected to wireless AV access enjoying convenience and freedom.

>> Adapter for a Range of Multimedia Products.
GVD300 virtual window has standard A/V terminal interface and cable/wireless adapter, with which it can be used as display of various players, such as
1. Connected to game players as a gate to the virtual world.
2. Connected to portable DVD players as a bindle of personal theatre.
3. Connected to Car DVD player as an entertainment on the trip.
4. Connected to wireless AV access enjoying our Spy camera in a big screen.