Virtual Display Iba na objednávku !
Model: GVD500



  • Display size: 40", 2m away
  • Pixels: 640H*480V*RGB(922K)
  • Angle of view: 28 degrees
  • Signal input: VGA/Composite AV
  • Sound function: double channel stereo
  • Adjustment function: variable volume, picture contrast and brightness
  • AC power supply: 100V~220V/50Hz (input through adapter)
  • Power input: DC 9V stable voltage
  • Basic accessories: AC adapter, eye patches, cables
  • Optional accessories: LP1100 Lithium Battery, Wireless Adapters (Only For Composite AV Input)
  • Power Consumption: less than 1.5W
  • Packing size: 260 x 180 x 80mm

Product Profile

>> With big screen and high resolution display
GVD500 Virtual Display with 40" screen and 920K pixels resolution offers you clear and exquisite pictures, which makes your watching seem true.

>> Two versions for your option
GVD500 has two versions AV and VGA for buyer’s options according to different needs, which make GVD500 meet plenty of user groups. If you need to use it with AV player, choose AV version, on the contrary choose VGA version for computer usage.

>> Elaborate design and portable structure
Elaborate design, light and portable structure of GVD500 inherit from GVD300 and 2326M, which enables enjoying entertainment and work in whatever pose.

>> Hi-capacity lithium battery for permanent power supply and convenient usage
The lithium battery LP1100 can supply power for 8 consecutive hours, making the user more convenient while traveling.