Virtual Display Iba na objednávku !

    Head-mounted virtual display is a personal video & data viewing device developed by our company. Using our own state-of-the-art micro imaging technology. when connected to video or data sources, you see a very clear virtual picture in front of your eyes with Hi-Fi stereo sound just like in a private cinema or work station.

    The Virtual Display can be use together with various multi-media products, such as a portable DVD player, PC, TV tuner, etc. It can be used in a car with an in-car DVD player. Even can use with our wireless spy camera to view on a large screen.

    The virtual display will also work with video games, such as Play station, Xbox, and Game Cube. With your delicate idea and design, the Virtual Display can also be applied in all kinds of other fields.  Having such a wonderful device, you can enjoy your private entertainment and your work, without any time and place limitation.

1. Connected to game players as a gate to the virtual world.
2. Connected to portable DVD players as a bindle of personal theatre.
3. Connected to Car DVD player as an entertainment on the trip.
4. Connected to wireless AV access enjoying our Spy camera in a big screen.



For Model GVD 300, GVD 2326, GVD 500