Car Rear view Camera    ( AV-580 ) Daný tovar do „EU“ nedodávame.

  Recently Ajoka have cooperated with a well known Car maker in China who will manufacturer Bullet proof car for us.
As the threatens of robbery and terrorism is on it pick now many of our customers are looking for safe cars.
Our bullet proof armored cars are good for money carrying for banks and financial companies as well as for the personal use for politicians or executives who need protection all the time.
Thanks for the labour cost in China very low so we can offer very reasonable prices for our bulletproof cars. Our armored cars are even cheaper then a normal land curser.
Every one who need protection they can afford to buy an armored car to protect their family and wealth.

Our bulletproof cars for transporting money or self protection is a high scientific and technologic product, which is researched and produced by war industrial technology in the factory in China. The product has been passed practical bullet test and damage test by the Public Security Ministry in China, is awarded state-level New Product Certificate twice by State Commercial and Trade Committee. Therefore, the factory is designated, as a fixed enterprise, which produces special (bulletproof) vehicle for cash-transport by State Machinery Bureau. The “shenglu" bulletproof vehicle has the


1.  The bulletproof glass of whole vehicle is made of American materials by American technology with not only light specific gravity, and good optical performance, but also no splashing from glass back after being shot in, thus so as to wall up the possibility of injuring the person twice completely after glass is broken open .
2.  The whole vehicle is made of bulletproof steel plate with ultrahigh strength and its complex performance is all the international leading position.
Standard Disposition:
(1)  Electronic rear visual system and electronic alarm system. Driver and escorted persons can acquaint rear conditions of vehicle for money transport very well when the vehicle drives, reverses, turns and changes through the electronic rear visual system, to eliminate its rear blind area, thus to be beneficial to driving safety and safe precautions. The electronic alarm system has the functions of remote control turn-off and automatic stop, even though criminal comes into the vehicle, he can’t start and drive with out any means.
(2) Dispersion of the burglary-proof push and pull windows. The push-pull windows are fixed on the left and right of the escorted compartment, and have the functions of delivering bills, ventilation, keeping watch and fleeing for life etc. thus they are operated conveniently, safely and reliably.
(3) The keeping watch window and shooting hole are on the bulletproof glass of medium isolated door, to provide escorted persons with self defense and counterattack under critical situations.
(4) Mechanical cipher lock and pry-proof mechanical lock are disposed on the door of independent compartment for money transport with more point locking, strong secret and high safety. Insides and top of the compartment for money transport are reinforced by stainless steel plates of high quality and the floor surface is laid by aluminum alloy patter plate. Therefore, the whole compartment is sturdy, anti-violent and elegant.
(5) Electric and manual bill delivery hole(shooting hole ) is disosed on the left and right driver's doors with rapid operation and convenient use.
3.  This vehicle has a concealment function, in the main, the bulletproof transporting Money car after refitted don't be changed the outward appearance of original vehicle and is as the same as general commercial vehicle.
The factory reserves the right to improve new product and its disposition, selects other disposition according to the customer's requirements